Finally a book that sheds light
on the darker side of spiritual evolution.

When mentally healthy individuals have mind-blowing inner experiences, two things can happen:

  • Either they understand and integrate their experiences, leading to higher states of consciousness and more wellbeing.

  • Or they don’t understand what is happening to them. In which case they resist, panic, and might fall into a state of crisis. Feeling very lonely, some mistakenly believe that no one else could possibly share their inner world. Many end up labeled as mentally ill.

Importance of knowledge

Years ago, Am I Going Mad? author Marlyse Carroll experienced such loneliness. Since then she has had the privilege of working with thousands of individuals on the spiritual path. She has witnessed first-hand the practical benefits of knowledge and guidance.

Hence this book.

Am I Going Mad? is about the extraordinary spiritual experiences that often meet us at various stages of personal evolution. A spiritual awakening is not all about love and light, far from it! Some of its phenomena can be very unsettling, to the point of being mistaken for depression, schizophrenia or other symptoms of mental illness.

Unknown danger

In spirituality, ignorance is definitely not bliss. It leads to uncertainty and anxiety. The more we know and understand ourselves, the easier the journey becomes. So the intention of this book is to provide an understanding of the psyche that will help you integrate the more challenging aspects of spiritual growth.

Whether you read Am I Going Mad? from cover to cover or from story to story you’ll laugh, you might cry and you’ll learn a lot – about yourself, transpersonal psychology, spirituality, shamanism and quantum physics.

You will end up with a solid framework of references on which to attach unusual inner experiences. This will speed up your journey towards greater emotional intelligence, physical wellbeing and spiritual fulfillment.

Definitely a must-read if you meditate, journey with substances or are just curious about how your mind works.

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