Am I Going Mad?

Brief description of the book

Am I Going Mad? sheds light on the lesser known aspects of spirituality in a way that teases the imagination, touches the heart and stimulates the intellect.

This book explores the extraordinary spiritual experiences that often meet us at various stages of personal evolution. For a spiritual awakening is not all about love and light, far from it! Some of its phenomena can be very unsettling, to the point of being mistaken for depression, schizophrenia or other symptoms of mental illness.

The topics covered include transpersonal psychology, spirituality, shamanism, psychiatry and quantum physics. Enthralling true stories, humorous quotations and cartoons balance the scientific research and make for a lighter read. As a result, the most commonly received feedback is ‘I couldn’t put it down!’

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Main message of Am I Going Mad?

Spiritual crises are not synonymous with mental illness. As we evolve spiritually, it is natural to have non-ordinary experiences that may lead to states of imbalance. When handled in an appropriate manner, spiritual crises lead to breakthroughs, not breakdowns.

Author’s intentions
  1. To provide lay readers with a solid framework of references from which to explore their own experiences, fears and expectations.
  2. To provide medical practitioners who are open to such viewpoints with clear distinctions they can use in their practice.

Universal experience

Am I Going Mad? is of interest and benefit to most individuals, regardless of their age, gender, cultural background, profession and life path, because the book touches on universal experiences.

  • Anyone who has ever felt anxious, depressed, lonely or addicted to substances will gain a new perspective on their plight.
  • Anyone who has ever had an unexplainable inner experience – from frightening to ecstatic – is sure to gain some understanding.
  • And anyone consciously walking the spiritual path will also enjoy this book for the roadmap it provides.

This well-researched book, which is referenced and indexed throughout, also appeals to therapists interested in alternative medical paradigms.

Am I Going Mad? is more than just informative, entertaining and inspiring. It is a must-read for anyone ready to integrate and self-actualize their spiritual existence – truly a physiological, psychological and spiritual masterpiece for the sake of human evolution.’

Dr John F. Demartini
(Best-selling author of The Breakthrough Experience)


Spiritual emergency

Am I Going Mad? reached best-seller status in 2011 and is available directly from Marlyse by using the ‘Buy Now’ link below.

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