Marlyse Carroll

Marlyse Carroll

Love and light

Born in the French part of Switzerland I moved to Australia, my soul country, in 1971 and have never looked back.

With regards to ‘Am I Going Mad’, the major turning point happened in 1992-93, when I had a succession of spiritual experiences that blasted my mind and shook my world to its core.

Suddenly, I needed answers that I couldn’t find anywhere… not as a package anyway. Even though I had studied Eastern philosophies, meditated and practised yoga for several years, I didn’t understand what was happening to me.

Love and light

So I immersed myself in further studies relating to psychology, spiritual emergence, Kundalini, shamanism, new physics, breathwork therapy and much more… Various teachers gave me invaluable pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of spiritual evolution.

Eventually, these pieces started to create an exciting picture in which I found my life mission: ‘To make a difference, have fun and help others follow their heart too’.

As well as training in various forms of energy work, I became a meditation teacher, workshop facilitator and hypnotherapist.

Meditation courses

In 1995, Michael Carroll & I co-founded The INNER PEACE Institute for Wellbeing, a non-sectarian educational organisation based in Melbourne, Australia. Forever learning and growing, we both taught at INNER PEACE until 2012, facilitating profound personal transformations through courses, experiential workshops and retreats. Together, we also personally trained over two hundred professional meditation teachers.

In 2002, the International Council of Integrative Medicine (ICIM) noticed our work and honoured Michael and I for ‘outstanding professional service’.

As well as writing and self-publishing Am I Going Mad in 2007, I’ve also co-authored three other books:

  • ‘Australia’s Best Short Stories’ (Segal, Inner Kiss Publishing, 2001)
  • ‘Adventures in Manifesting’ Vol. 2 (Prout & Simpson, Alska Publishing, 2011)
  • ‘The Thought that Changed my Life Forever’ (Guenette & Roberts, The Thought Publications Inc, 2013)

Am I Going Mad author

Right now, INNER PEACE is resting before transitioning into a new phase, a more global incarnation. As for Michael and I, we live on a beautiful country property near Melbourne, Australia. There, we enjoy a rural lifestyle filled with creative pursuits, beautiful grandkids, fresh air, home-grown vegies and enough free time to keep us happy and healthy!

As for the biggest goal still on our bucket list, here it is: To fund a Foundation supporting people in spiritual crisis from the profits of Am I Going Mad? sales.

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