Table of Contents

Table of Contents




Chapter 1 – Story If I’m Meant to Live

Carl Gustav Jung  

The Psyche

Ego and Persona



Functioning of the Mind


Depression as Spiritual Crisis

This chapter sets the foundations for the rest of the book. Like all other chapters, it starts with the true story of a life event experienced by the author. This dramatic story is followed by theory that explains Carl Jung’s understanding of the psyche. Here and there, the author informally reappears with subjective, personal comments relating to psychology, philosophy and spirituality.


Chapter 2 Story –
Jumping into Infinity

Human Evolution

Peak Experiences

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Different Perspective

Newtonian versus Quantum Perspectives  

Unitive Consciousness


Living in between Worlds

Transpersonal Experiences

Religion, Spirituality and Psychiatry

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders

After the story, this chapter presents a historical perspective on consciousness and mental health. Eastern and Western paradigms are explored, as are classical physics versus new (Quantum) physics. The various topics are linked by conversational snippets of information and points of view, which allow for a smooth flow between concepts.


Chapter 3 Story – Heaven and Hell in a Mushroom    

Shadow and Ego

How we Create our Personal Shadow

How we Experience the Shadow

Why do ‘Shadow Work’?


Meeting and Integrating Archetypes

Story: The Feral in the Tunnel

Archetypal Encounters

Spiritual Emergence    

This chapter includes two true stories that illustrate how unexpected spiritual experiences can lead to a peaceful awakening or to a state of crisis known as ‘spiritual emergency’. The archetypal nature of spiritual experiences is explained from a Jungian/transpersonal perspective. And the use of psychedelic drugs is discussed in a non-judgmental way.


Chapter 4 Story – The Rollercoaster Ride of Death and Rebirth

Altered States of Consciousness




Story: John’s Rebirths

Where does Rebirthing Lead?

This chapter focuses on altered states of consciousness, with their accompanying gifts and dangers. Breathwork/rebirthing, the subject of the two main stories, is well explained as a powerful healing tool.


Chapter 5 Story – Riding the Magic Carpet

Science and Spirituality

The Zero Point Field

The Chakra System





This chapter starts with a story of the most disturbing phenomena experienced by the author during her own spiritual awakening. These phenomena are then explained through cutting-edge scientific discoveries as well as ancient yogic knowledge.


Chapter 6 Story – One Thousand Stones



Spiritual Benefits

Brainwave Frequencies

The Spiritual Journey

The Inner Journey Continues

Practical Strategies

Profound Spiritual Experiences

After another beautiful story set in India, we now explore meditation, what it is and how it works on all four levels of our humanness – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The practical strategies and real-life experiences shared in this chapter are relevant to both new and experienced meditators.


Chapter 7 Story – Michael

Friends, Lovers and Enemies


Anima and Animus

The Four Archetypal Stages of Life

Spiritual Crises

The Lost Submarine Syndrome

Regression in the Service of Transcendence

Nothing Ever Happened!

Practical Use of Numinous Encounters

Through Jungian psychology, we find out here how self-awareness impacts on the quality of our relationships and life choices. We also explore the darker side of spiritual evolution, including states of crises that are often misdiagnosed as symptoms of mental illness.


Chapter 8 Story – Is a Soul always blue?

Light after Life

The Human Energy Field

Story: Beyond my Skin

Soul and Mind

The Integration Phase of Spiritual Emergency

Steps for Self-Transformation

This chapter starts with the story of Kathleen’s death, which takes us to a fascinating field of research – a Russian medical study of the energy fields emitted by dead bodies. The understanding of the human body-mind-soul connection then leads readers to the integration phase of spiritual emergency. Practical steps are also provided, with an intention to help readers along their personal and spiritual journey.


Chapter 9 Story – The Queen Ant

From Certainty to Probability

How do we influence potentiality?

Akashik Records

Brain and Intelligence

Epsilon and Gamma States of Consciousness

The Shamanic Realm

Characteristics of a Shaman

Shamanic Journeys

Illness and Healing

Shamanism in the 21st Century

The Shamanic Crisis

In this chapter, we interweave ancient wisdom and cutting-edge scientific research relating to quantum physics and brain functioning. Together, these threads create an overall picture that makes sense from every angle. The ‘Queen Ant’ story is particularly powerful too.


Chapter 10 Story – I’ll Wait for You…

The Realm of Death

Non-Physical Entities

States of Possession


Photons and Love

Story: Dancing with the Beloved

This chapter starts with another great story followed by philosophical speculations on death. Moving from parallel universes to quantum physics, we then delve deeper into our exploration of life & death, love & light, science & spirituality. The chapter closes with another story of a life-changing spiritual experience.


Chapter 11 Story – When Iron Birds fly and Horses have Wheels

Enlightenment experiences

The Holographic Brain

The Holographic Universe

Story: An Atom in the Giant’s Liver

Complexity Science


Spiritual Initiations

Mysticism versus Schizophrenia

In this chapter, many pieces of the spiritual jigsaw puzzle come together. True stories, mysticism, new physics and Western medicine all contribute to an expanded understanding of the psyche, its challenges and infinite potential. Further distinctions between spiritual emergency and symptoms of mental illness are addressed.


Chapter 12 Story – The Guru and the Mirror

The Dance of Ego and Self

One-Sided Perspectives

Wild Swings in Consciousness


Inflation of the Self

Offensive Spirituality: Ego-Inflation

From Imbalance to Balance


The Benchmarks of Enlightened Living

Psychoid Events



The Genie Within

Story: The New Car


Once again linking entertaining true stories with Eastern and Western knowledge, the author keeps expanding on her model of consciousness. The new material introduced in this chapter links everything learnt so far. As a result of their expanded awareness, readers can now expect a more joyful journey to higher states of consciousness, leading to a more loving global consciousness.


Epilogue Story – The Key

Enjoy the Journey!

As a temporary farewell between author and reader, ‘The Key’ is another inspiring true story that will make your heart and soul sing!




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