The Death Wish

By Marlyse Carroll (alias Gabrielle)

A spiritual awakening is not all about love and light, far from it! Some of its phenomena can be very unsettling, to the point of being mistaken for depression, schizophrenia or other symptoms of mental illness.

Gabrielle was attending a dream analysis workshop and was about to answer a probing question the facilitator had just asked her. Slowly she took a deep breath and decided she would trust him. She knew he was both an initiated shaman and a Jungian analyst. Moreover, she liked him. His aura and words were congruent. They both shone with compassion and integrity …more


I Killed My Brother

By Marlyse Carroll (alias Gabrielle)

As a meditation teacher and workshop facilitator, I’m always in awe of the power of spontaneous spiritual experiences to heal traumatic past events. This is such a story. It’s a true story. However, to protect the identity of the people involved, some details have been altered.

“Do you remember my experience with my brother Daniel? The brother I killed on his motorbike?” Jo said.

Gabrielle was talking on the phone with one of her students, a young woman she had first met six weeks earlier. She smiled, happy to notice Jo’s steady, vibrant voice. “Wow, something big is still unfolding” she thought.

“I’ve now grown so close to him in spirit, it’s amazing… Jo continued. “Instead of having nightmares nearly every night, as I used to, I now feel his love around me. All the time. It’s wonderful. Well quite incredible really, because my leg is so much better too, I’m no longer limping. And I’m not in pain either. Can you believe it? The pain is gone, as he said it would. Cool, hey?”

Gabrielle felt shivers of delight tingling up her spine, as she often did when Spirit made itself known …more


And in case you find it difficult to relate to the above stories, here’s a short excerpt from ‘Am I Going Mad’ that might help you.

From Surfing the Internet
to Surfing the Innernet

By Marlyse Carroll

As a meditation teacher, I often talk with people who find hard to honor their own spiritual experiences or those of others. They think that whatever is experienced outside consensual Newtonian reality does not exist on any level and that visions or auditory messages should be dismissed as unreal because they cannot be validated by other people.

Please allow me to put spiritual phenomena and communication between realms in another context. …more

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