From Surfing the Internet to Surfing the Inner-Net

From Surfing the Internet
to Surfing the Inner-Net

By Marlyse Carroll
(Author of ‘Am I Going Mad? The Unsettling Phenomena of Spiritual Evolution’

As a meditation teacher, I often talk with people who find it hard to honour their own spiritual experiences or those of others. They think that whatever is experienced outside consensual Newtonian reality does not exist on any level. And that visions or auditory messages should be dismissed as unreal because they cannot be validated by other people.

Please allow me to put spiritual phenomena and communication between realms in another context.

Imagine that your grandfather as a teenager had a vivid dream one night, and excitedly told his mother something like this: “I could just see myself in 50 years time. It was incredible! I was sitting in a bus, opening something that looked like a book, but it was made of glass and metal.

Surfing the internet

It was a magic device with a screen. And through the glass I could access anyone in the world who had a similar machine. From Siberia to America, from Europe to Africa and even further away, we could write, talk and even see each other live. Can you imagine this? The whole world connected in real time!

More than that, I could also find any information I wanted, about any subject. All I had to do was ask or type a question and it answered. I could order things and pay bills without bank notes, I could send photos & receive letters the second they were written. I could read books, play games, watch movies or listen to my favourite rock band.

The magic machine also had maps that showed me the whole world and told me how to go places.

And much, much more. I didn’t even need to go to Uni to get a degree. Amazing!

Subjective mind reality

And my friend Matt was sitting next to me, playing with his own magic machine. But his was even smaller than mine. Smaller than a pack of cigarettes. And yet it did all those things too. It also worked as a tape recorder, a phone and a camera.
Mum, believe me, it was the most crazy dream…”

And then the young man would most likely have added “What a pity it’s impossible!”

Today we take the Internet, tablets and mobile phones for granted. And yet, despite our ‘miracle machines’, how many people still have difficulty believing in communications reaching us through other invisible frequencies? How often do we say ‘Impossible’ just because we don’t understand how something works?

Maybe our brain is the most evolved decoding equipment at our disposal. So why rule out the possibility of communicating with unknown energies or tapping into parallel realities?

Why dismiss such experiences as unreal or impossible? Why suspect that people who mention such experiences are either lying or mad? Why worry when our mind achieves quite naturally the same sort of feats that any ordinary software can do?

Brain frequencies

Receiving vibrational communications from other realms might not be any more delusional than emails or SMS appearing on our screens. After all they are also vibrations that somehow get deciphered so that we can receive them through our physical senses.

We all use the internet. So why not learn how to surf the Inner-Net as well?


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